Girls hit the boys throw green belt escape prescription recommended sentencing 3 years

Prosecution allegations of Shandong Union Medical College female students Anmou traffic accident and escape
The morning of November 15, "Jinan female college students hit the green belt, escape the same day to the collective playground," the case in Jinan City Court held a public hearing. Prosecution allegations Shandong Association of female college students An An traffic accident and escape, and the total responsibility for accidents, should be investigated for criminal liability of traffic accident, the case will be sentenced to choose. Prior to the November 7, the case for the first time, the injured boy Yang Jiayu away from the scene discarded in the green belt owner Zhang Mouwei trial, because he gave Anmou to hide the premises, property and help to escape the accused Harboring sin, Zhang Mouwei pleaded guilty in court. Driving a bruised boy throwing green belt Escape The 20-year-old Ansan Department of Shandong Concord College students. Anmou testimony that she and Zhang Mouwei 2015 mobile phone social software through the understanding of the relationship between male and female friends, contacts have been six months. Qilu reported that the evening of March 18, 2016 10:50 or so, the 7-year-old Yang Jiayao follow her grandmother from home phone repair shop home, went to Jinan City Licheng District Industrial North Road Cao Museum junction from the south When crossing the road to the north, was a black Cadillac car knocked five or six meters away, was seriously injured. At the time of the incident, the owner Zhang Mouwei sitting in the co-pilot seat, driving the car is the Shandong Union College College students in An. In addition, the back seat is still sitting Zhang Moujiang fellow Zhang Mou and Chang and a constant son. After the incident, the car four adult people get off to see, Yang Jiaming grandmother Dong Lianmei did not come with the phone also did not beg for 4 people for help, but four individuals under the command of Zhang Mouwei escape: On the bus away, Zhang Mousheng ran away from the scene, Zhang Mouwei picked up on the ground Yang Jia research, put him into the road opposite the green belt, and then fled the scene. And so even the United States to find his family will be sent to the hospital Yang Jiayuan, from the incident has passed at least half an hour. Zhang Mouwei line of four people in the accident the next day, but also to the city of Fuzhou Qi River Ou Le Fort for a day. According to Jinan Intermediate People's Court news, the accident caused by Yang Jiaying brain and body multiple injuries. The forensic identification, the injury was seriously injured two. Prosecution recommended sentencing 3 years below March 24, Anmou and Zhang Mouwei together to the Jinan City traffic police detachment calendar city team surrendered. On the same day, Anmou suspected of traffic accident was detained by criminal detention, the police in the name of traffic accident escaped Zhang Mouwei administrative detention 13 days penalty. April 6, the police also put forward the evidence that Zhang Mouwei know that Anmou may violate the criminal law under the premise of providing shelter and escape facilities, pointed out that its alleged "harboring crime" in its administrative detention after the expiration of law Will be detained in criminal detention, and then according to their approval of the arrest. Jinan Intermediate People's Court said that on November 7 the case for the first time trial, Zhang Mouwei suspected of guilty of the crime in court trial. Prosecution charges after the accident, Zhang Mouwei Yang Jiayu to hold the north side of the road, and instigated the same car often a driving with an escape. Zhang Mouwei driving the next day with a security from Jinan, to its business in Shangqiu City, Henan Province, the gas station to hide, and eat, live and so on to help Anmou, should be held guilty of criminal responsibility. Zhang Mouwei pleaded guilty in court. November 15, the case again, the prosecution said the economic city of Public Security Bureau of the traffic police detachment calendar city brigade that the defendant Anmou bear all the responsibility of the accident, Jinan Intermediate People's Court said that at the trial site, the driver of the driver A face of the prosecution and the plaintiff lawyer's inquiry, many silent. The prosecution believes that the defendant Anmou violation of traffic management laws and regulations, and thus a major accident, causing one seriously injured, in order to escape the law to escape the scene of the accident, and the total responsibility for the accident should be investigated for criminal liability. After the incident, there was a surrender, but did not pay all the medical expenses. The prosecution suggested that the court sentenced Anmou for three years imprisonment.

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